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Techno Invention produces Explainer Video Animation that helps businesses communicate effectively. Our expert animators create custom corporate Explainer Videos that convey complex ideas simply. As an explainer video company, we are committed to quality, creativity, and bringing your story to life through the power of animation.

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Animated Explainer Video Services by the top explainer video makers

Welcome to Techno Invention, your one-stop shop for explainer video animation services. We are a leading explainer animation studio, providing custom explainer videos that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are short, engaging videos that explain complex ideas, products, or services in a clear and concise manner. These videos use a combination of visuals, animation, and storytelling to keep the viewer engaged and entertained. At Techno Invention, we specialize in creating corporate explainer videos that communicate your message effectively and professionally.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

There are numerous benefits to using our explainer videos for your business:

  • They can increase engagement and time spent on your website. Studies have revealed that viewers are more likely to continue watching a video than read a block of text.
  • Explainer videos can improve your search engine ranking by increasing the time spent on your website.
  • They can increase conversions and sales by clearly communicating your product or service to potential customers.

Looking for a professional explainer video company? Techno Invention offers custom animated explainer video production services for your business needs. Contact us today to skyrocket your brand!

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Custom Animation Development

Enhance your brand's narrative with the utilization of our specialized custom animation production services offered at Technoinvention. Animation encompasses more than only the aesthetic aspects, since it serves the purpose of infusing vitality into concepts and notions.

Our highly talented animation specialists possess the expertise to create dynamic animations that effectively engage your target audience, effectively expressing your intended message with visual impact.

We customize animations to align with the unique personality and objectives of your business, including the entire process from conceptualization to implementation. Our animations have the ability to attract attention and create a lasting impression, whether they are explainer videos, product presentations, or immersive brand stories.

Our custom animation development team demonstrates a thorough focus on detail and a creative aptitude, enabling us to effectively convert concepts into visually engaging storytelling.

Hire Our Animation Specialists

Experience the transformative power of animation under the proficient guidance of our esteemed animation specialists at Technoinvention. We possess the dual role of creators and storytellers, imbuing vitality into the concepts presented to us. Our team of experts combines artistic innovation and technical expertise to convert abstract ideas into visually engaging narratives.

We possess expertise in a range of styles, catering to the specific requirements of your brand, as we transition from 2D to 3D animation. Our team of animation specialists incorporate creativity and intention into every frame, whether it be explainer videos, character animations, or immersive motion graphics.

The comprehension of animation extends beyond mere movement, encompassing the ability to elicit emotions, convey messages, and engender indelible experiences. Our team of experts is dedicated to creating visually stunning content that effectively engages people and enhances the storytelling of your business, whether the goal is education, entertainment, or inspiration.

Expert Animation Productionfor Your Business

The experienced team of animators at our organization specializes in creating animations that go above conventional standards. By combining artistic imagination with meticulous attention to detail, we transform abstract ideas into appealing visual representations.

The expert animation production process encompasses a harmonious blend of artistic expression and technological expertise, starting with the conceptualization phase and culminating in the final implementation.

Regardless of whether it pertains to 2D or 3D animation, character design, or motion graphics, we ensure that each frame is imbued with a distinct sense of intentionality.

The animations produced are not solely characterized by their physical movements, but rather serve as powerful mediums for conveying narratives, evoking emotions, and facilitating communication. With a painstaking focus on detail and a fervent dedication to visual creativity, our team of expert animation production specialists aims to enhance the narrative of your brand to unprecedented levels.

Here's How We Work For You

Complete your brand's explainer video animation production with our skilled animators using a step-by-step process.



Pitch us your ideas and let our brainstorming experts put their heads together to bring your concepts to life.


Writing Scripts

Allow our friendly writers to work on your video script, where we will analyze and determine the best way to portray your idea to the rest of the world.



Let's plan our strategy by breaking down your animation into several steps and phases. First, let's start by making dialogues, designs, audio effects, and other elements.


Rendering and Animation

It's time to animate and share your work with the world. We use some of the best tools and software to render your explainer animated video.

Our Animation Portfolio

Check out recent animation we’ve created for businesses like yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An animated explainer video is a short, fun and informative or business explainer video that businesses use instead of written content to better engage with their audience. Corporate explainer videos offer businesses the ability to impart a large amount of information in an easy-to-digest manner thus improving customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and revenue for your business.

Explainer video animation production can easily cost in between $3,000 and $100,000 depending on the storyboard development time and complexity or production length of your video. The average price for an animated video is $5,000. But these are just the standard rates widely accepted across the United States. These rates for explainer video services can be set according to the specific requirement of clients & customers.

Animated explainer videos are great for bringing ideas to life as they engage and inform your audience. If you are just beginning, an animated explainer video is a great launching pad to introduce your unique idea and get customers excited about buying from you. It's also a great way of enhancing your brand identity by giving customers an idea of what they can expect from you in terms of quality and style.

Sometimes all a business needs is a fresh perspective on their current marketing campaign or a little boost to get them started on the right foot for the new year. Animated explainer video productions are great tools to get you there.

There are many different styles of animated explainer videos that can fit every business idea and help you engage your target audience. It's important to remember that there is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to choosing a video style. The best approach is to try several styles until you find the one that resonates with your customer base and Techno Invention, an animated explainer video production can help you with the service. We can give you the best explainer videos in the market.

Yes! Animated website explainer videos can now be published on your website straight from the cloud. Techno Invention, an animated explainer video production company allows you to do just that. You can also embed or link it anywhere online so your customers and prospects have access to watch your explainer video production as many times as they want!

Yes! More and more businesses are creating shorter versions of their animated explainer videos to be shared on social media. It's easy to produce a 30-90 second video that is engaging for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The objective behind these types of social videos is you want people to take action, whether it's sending an email, filling out a form, or making a purchase. All you have to do is tell them what action you want them to take and why they should take it all through a video explainer.

Yes, we provide explainer animation video services in multiple cities across the UK. Visit our website to check out our studios in England offering explainer video production UK services.

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